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What is the sloth?

We aim to become the customers’ go-to platform for IT solutions.

We excel outstandingly at helping companies map out inherent operational challenges, proffer realistic solutions to help gain competitive advantage with the market positioning that they truly deserve.

Our team comprises of world-class consultants who have extensive knowledge of how the market works with years of hands-on experience working with reputable global firms – all put their heads together and willing to go the extra mile to bring out-of-the-box solutions to our clients.

At the heart of blu-sloth are attention to details, integrity & transparency and an uncomplicated service process designed to collaborate with our customers seamlessly for best results. From the initial consultation to drawing up a workable strategy and to assisting with deployment and implementation, we take the stress out of the way completely.

We are everything but lazy! And that is why we are notable for delivering clients projects within budget, on schedule while meeting available operational requirements.

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Michael A. Schib, CEO


We have many years of experience with Avaloq and delivered many projects successfully. Our areas of expertise are credit, risk, external interfaces (in- and outbound).

Our significant cooperation and management in projects make us the ideal partner for your (implementaton) project.

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Why choose us?

In today’s competitive business landscape where success is evaluated by risk management, maximization of resources and realization of stakeholders’ expectations, blu-sloth was founded to keep these major points in mind which is critical to helping our clients achieve their predefined goals.

As IT experts, we pride our consultants on their ability to provide the right solutions to reposition our clients in the market.

We understand that:

  • Your company is bi-faceted in its operations – Satisfying customers and aiming the best returns on investments. With this in mind, we provide custom IT solutions to drive your business to new levels of profitability.
  • Prompt service delivery is vital- We are always a call away. We can as well work as a direct extension of your business to provide on-site and prompt IT consultation.
  • Custom solution yields better outcome – We provide custom solutions that are laser focused to meet your objective accurately and on time.

Whether your aim is to increase the overall efficiency of your system or set your business on the path of accelerated growth- or both- learning to get the most out of every human or material resource is one of the surefire strategies to increase your overall bottom line.

Hire us today! We can’t tell the future, but we can help you get properly positioned for new realities.

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